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I Stand United with Nasty Women Everywhere

Unless you've been living under a rock lately you've probably noticed that we recently got a new president in the White House. It was a pretty historical moment followed by an even bigger historical protest. Millions of people, united in solidarity, marched together to let the world know that Donald Trump isn't their idea of the American dream or even what America needs right now. And I would say I have to agree. Donald Trump is not what American needs, ever. He's a bad business man, has no political experience and is an all around disgusting human being.

There are many deplorable things Donald Trump has done already, and I am sure many more he will do. I won't go into it, you can just google it for yourself. But if you believe everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, that global warming is not a joke and ESPECIALLY if you think a woman's body is her own damn business, I invite you to join me and stand united with all nasty women. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we've got work to do, the fight has just started. Please feel free to download this poster and to also visit my good friends site, J20, for some more awesome posters and upcoming events in Honolulu.

Say it loud say it proud friend. I stand united with all Nasty Women.

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