Child and Family Service Mural

"Hallway of Hope" Commission for Child and Family Service, 10" x  80" House Paint, 2017-2018

Original Sketch for the C&FS Mural

Several months ago I was referred by a friend of mine about a really interesting project on Oahu though an organization called Child and Family Service. I am so very honored that I was able to take on this project as it is something near and dear to my heart. I was commissioned to create an undersea themed mural for one of Child and Family's services' private facilities. This mural is at an undisclosed location and it is meant to transform what was once a rather dark and outdated hallway into something magical, warm and welcoming. 


Taken from the C&FS website:

"Our family-centered, full-service nonprofit has been at work in the community since 1899, and is dedicated to “Strengthening families and fostering the healthy development of children”. Through nearly 50 programs that welcome everyone from keiki to kūpuna across the Islands, we help Hawai‘i families address some of life’s most serious situations including poverty, abuse, and neglect. We prove our effectiveness with data and results.

We offer those who want to help themselves a chance to transform their lives, without judgment, and seek to help families sustain positive gains.

Child & Family Service is a model nonprofit dedicated to helping Hawaii’s most at-risk families
— https://www.childandfamilyservice.org/aboutus/

Within the past fiscal year (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016) alone, CFS provided direct services, to 10,518 individuals and touched another 43,500 lives through phone calls, referrals, educational presentations, and by providing for those visiting walk-in family centers."

Below are some images from the process. Since I am a full time art teacher it took several months to get the project going and finished. I am really glad everyone was able to stick with it and come together to make this happen.

I was also very fortunate that I could bring my amazing Island Pacific Academy student to help me during their annual "Make a Difference" Day. It was several hours of straight painting but I'm very proud of all their hard work. Plus they are the masterminds behind the whale! So cute! Check out the timelapse video below combining their volunteer day with my overall painting process. 


Big Mahalo to Child and Family Service for allowing me this opportunity to create this work and big mahalo to the sponsors for making it all possible. I am so happy I can support an organization that does so many good things for my neighborhood community.  <3 Boz



Looking for a mural or design for your organization? Look no further! Feel free to shoot me an email at aloha@bozschurr.com with your idea and let's chat! 

Art at Large 2.0

Art at Large 2.0 is finally finished and as always I am so excited and grateful to be a part of it. I love that the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Art Dept is utilizing it's incredible skills and talents to add to the environment around campus. We *could* live with ugly construction barriers, but why? The arts beautify otherwise dull and depressing spaces and creates a sense of community when student artists and community artists work side by side. Which is a new part to this iteration of Art at Large, more students involved = more learning. More learning = better quality of life. Here's hoping I'll one day be able to get my own students involved! Chee!

Sustainable Squid - Original Sketch for UH Manoa

Sustainable Squid - Original Sketch for UH Manoa

Check out the Timelapse Video:

Art at Large 3.0 is being planned as we speak! I really hope to be a part of it and maybe you can too! The art dept donates all it's time and talent but they still need something to paint with. Each iteration of Art at Large costs $2-3,000. To support go HERE and mention ART AT LARGE in comment. Every little bit helps and it means everyone can enjoy the arts! Mahalo!

The final Mural: "Sustainable Squids" 8" x 20" Uh Manoa, House Paint on Board, 2017

The final Mural: "Sustainable Squids" 8" x 20" Uh Manoa, House Paint on Board, 2017

2017 / ART AT LARGE 2.0 (HENKE HALL I / Work in Progress) 
Jimi (Tita) Coloma
Anne Fontanilla
Jelly Freedle
Aubrey Gamboa
Gideon Gerlt
Dannah Hildago
Tommy Hite
Richard In
Li (Pan) Kaipeng
Kristelle Kawasaki
Mary Kim
Sok Kim
Jenny Liang
Zoey Liu
Chrissi Morales
Kailee Morikubo
Carson Pellanda
Kylie Popa
Kurt Sakahara
Boz Schurr
Geoff Siu
Mark Yoshizumi


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